We are not the “blockchain” space: we are the “cryptocurrency” space

In case you guys wondered what a certain Andreas Antonopulous means when he says things like [this](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rv4nTMfAZo0)

repeat after me:

blockchain isn’t the important part of cryptocurrencies, its just a data structure. the emphasis should be on “cryptocurrency” startups, “cryptocurrency” space, “cryptocurrency” in general.

“Stop being such a pedant and let me moon”

You do whatever you want. But you are completely missing the point, same as most people in this space.

By calling this the “blockchain” space, and “blockchain” startups, you are emphasizing that its the blockchain that’s really valuable. (Which it is not)

A lot of people on every crypto subreddit are acting as if they are so much smarter than the wall-street analysts, and then proceed to commit the same fallacies and display the same level of ignorance as them.

A blockchain only adds value to society if:

* it solves a need society has (demand for it)
* it does so in a way that empowers every user equally: aka it has the decentralized, open, distributed attributes the Bitcoin blockchain has, for example

LET ME REITERATE THIS: Bitcoin doesn’t have value because it uses a blockchain, Bitcoin has value because its cryptographically secure.

The only way that happens is if the blockchain is secured through cryptography.

While I’m not saying blockchain has no value, its certainly subordinate to that of cryptography.

Cryptography is what will “bank the unbanked”, “give monetary sovereignty back to the people” etc.: blockchain is the tool that solves a specific cryptographic problem that stopped us from implementing a cryptographically secure currency on a global scale.

Cryptography has been used for millenia, not blockchain. We didn’t have “blockchains” and suddenly invented cryptography to make them work.

Its not a “blockchain-currency”, its a “crypto-currency”

Dr. Adam Back is a cryptographer, not a blockchainer.

Satoshi Nakamoto isarewere cryptographers, not blockchainers.

So please, stop saying “blockchain” this, “blockchain” that. Blockchains are what suit and tie nerds think will change the world. Cryptography is what matters.

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  1. chocolatesouffle3 - Reply

    Blockchain isn’t “just a data structure”. It’s a network protocol. A data structure can exist in any local database. A blockchain cannot. Blockchain tokens are essential, and essentially valuable. The cryptocurrency is a product of the blockchain.

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