I am new to crypto and was shocked to watch this video DECENTRALIZED DECEPTION. Does this mean that the Bitcoin price is still overvalued by the market manipulation detailed in this video? Thoughts?


  1. TheGreatMuffin - Reply

    You are not “new to crypto” according to your posting history, why are you lying? The video seems about Bitconnect, which is a Ponzy scheme.

  2. chocolatesouffle3 - Reply

    LOL fuck off. Decentralization IS what decentralization DOES. Nobody has ever successfully censored a bitcoin transaction, and there is ZERO threat of that happening. This is just shitcoin marketing.

  3. Bitcoin-Yoda - Reply

    Yes that video is an eye opener.
    But you always have to remember: Bitcoin will never be affected by the other scams around, even if the media will try to associate it.
    Bitconnect, Bitfinex, Tether are all separate scams that try to bring down Bitcoin by deceiving people.
    Yes, Tether scam is going to blow up and all that shit will affect the BTC price, but not Bitcoin entirely.
    If people slowly will stop using that shit scam of Tether the damages will not be so big. But people’s greed is big.
    You have to learn how to protect yourself from all these scams and always focus on Bitcoin, don’t be distracted but the noise around.
    Yes, I will get now shitload of downvotes and insults, because there are so many manipulators here that only want to push Tether and scam people. I don’t care. I care if more other noobs get warned and just make them think before using that shit Tether.

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