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### ** – Cryptocurrency payment API**


**Cryptocurrency payments, uncomplicated.**





* **Want to add IOTA, BTC and ETH payments to your website / service fast and easily?**

> Look no further. CryptAPI allows you to accept payments in the 3 cryptocurrencies (more coming soon), hassle-free. It has no sign-ups or complicated integrations.

> CryptAPI allows you to request new payment addresses with a single line of code.



* **How does it work**

> With a single line of code you can request a new payment address on any of the supported coins, you just need to provide the callback URL where you will be notified of the payment and the address where you want your payment forwarded to. Give that address to your customer, where he or she can issue the payment, and, as soon as the transaction is confirmed our system will forward the payment to you and notify your callback URL with the payment details (value, TXID in, TXID out, number of confirmations, etc)



* **Fees**

> There are no up-front costs, but we do deduct a small 1% fee from the money forwarded to you.

> Here is the formula for each coin:

> Coin | Minimum amount | Fee formula
> :–|:–|:–
> Bitcoin | 0.0005 BTC | max(0.00025, 0.01 * amount)
> Ethereum | 0.001 Ether | max(0.0005, 0.01 * amount)
> IOTA | 0.05 MIOTA | max(0.025, 0.01 * amount)



* **What is the “minimum amount”**

> Means that payments below this amount are disregarded by our system and will not be forwarded. These values may be updated in the future based on the coin’s value and fees.



* **Want to sign up?**

> You don’t need to! In our service we value your privacy, so there’s no sign-ups, API keys or anything like that. All you need to request a new payment address is a callback URL and a Bitcoin/Ethereum/IOTA address.



* **Get started!**

> We have interactive documentation [here]( that you can try for yourself.



* **ELI5 step-by-step walkthrough on how to accept payments with our API**

> 1 – You request a new payment address from our API, with your destination address and callback URL (e.g

> 2 – You present your customer with the payment address generated by our system

> 3 – Your customer sends the amount to the payment address our system generated

> 4 – Upon confirmation our system forwards the payment to the address you provided when you request the address and notifies your system via the callback URL you provided with the payment details (value, TXID in, TXID out, etc)

> 5 – Your system confirms the payment value and grants access / sends the goods to the user




## **Question? Suggestions? Let us know!**


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