Czech Republic and bitcoin: republic’s way to becoming the largest crypto hub in Europe


  1. urza23 - Reply

    I am from CZ and I want to point out, that this is DESPITE politicians and regulatory offices – they are as ignorant here as everywhere else. Our minister of finance forbid selling bitcoins in postal offices, because he didn’t know what bitcoin was and taught it is not good. It is only thanks to enterpreneurs and crypto enthusiasts, that are putting their skin in the game, that crypto is so successful here.

  2. OrientEkspress - Reply

    After being the capital of prostitution, human and arms trafficking, this comes as no surprise. It’s like the capital of illegal activities in Central Europe.

  3. redpola - Reply

    An article saying how successful bitcoin is in Prague hosted on the “bitcoin conference in Prague” web site? No bias there, surely.

    Other things of note: this conference has been really uninviting for the few years they’ve held it- I’ve personally chosen not to go to it every time because it was ridiculously expensive to attend, for-profit, and the speakers/programme was dreadful. Compared to the excellent work of /r/paralelnipolis it’s doing very little to evangelise crypto in the city.

    There is lots of interest in crypto in Prague and the Czech Republic but nowhere like as much as the article implies.

    If you want to get a feel for adoption checkout for places in Prague that accept bitcoin.

  4. DerfreakPuku - Reply

    I still believe that bitcoin will replace USD as a global currency in the future. The more countries adopting it the closer we get into its real value.

  5. Maverickgood1 - Reply

    As it’s supposed to be. Gov screws up everything they touch. People will decide and create the crypto future. If gov doesn’t like it then too bad for them. The time for deiending on moronic gov bureaucrats is coming to an end and there is nothing they can do about it.

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