Working Bitcoin Debit Cards (last update March 3, 2018)


  1. knpstrr - Reply

    Bitcoin debit cards kind of defeat the purpose of bitcoin don’t they?

    Isn’t the point to cut out the middlemen, not continue to use Visa/Mastercard/Banks/etc?

    I thought your “debit card” should be your bitcoin wallet?

  2. Noah-from-Signus - Reply

    I didnt look at all of them but the few active ones seemed to have unreasonably high fees, even if they use accurate api’s and dont charge much for conversion to spend there’s still like all sorts of rediculous flat fees and %’s for every little thing. Even some of the more expensive exchanges seem to be less costly.

    i can see how these cards might make an okay gift for someone who doesnt use or really know anything about btc but for an experienced person who understands the best ways to buy, sell, & use cryptos, I cant see how one of these cards would be helpful at all….

  3. knocte - Reply

    WageCan says it “works”, but the only card type available is the Gold one, which has a super-high purchase cost (about 200USD) which doesn’t match the cost mentioned in the spreadsheet. Also, the website doesn’t mention bitcoin in the card description.

  4. bh-art - Reply

    Can you update these on CentraTech?

    – Uses Mastercard
    – Jurisdiction is USA
    – Supports basically worldwide but I will find a list for you

  5. estonia0 - Reply

    * URL –
    * Card status – working
    * Card type – Mastercard
    * Balance in – Usd/Eur
    * Card price – 10
    * Can be anon? – no
    * Jurisdiction – UK
    * Allows USA – ? it should
    * Supported countries – ? EU
    * ATM withdrawal fee – 2.4 eur/usd
    * Balance load limit – 40000?
    * ATM daily limit – 3000

  6. kaielvin - Reply

    “Can be anon? Yes”.

    Hmm, yes and no. Yes if you are willing to wear a face mask at the ATM βˆ’and preferably on your way there too. Also, don’t have your smartphone on you.

  7. turboNOMAD - Reply

    So for those of us not enjoying the privilege of living in US/EU… The only option is WageCan Gold, am I correct?

    I find the lack of alternatives disturbing πŸ™

  8. Noah-from-Signus - Reply

    i like gemini, its only got eth & btc but theres no fee to deposit or withdraw anything unless you withdrawl more than like 10 or 20 times the same currency the same month, so basically the only fee is the .25% per trade which drops from there at high volumes. But Ive always found pricing on Gemini to be best for buyers and if yer trying to make quick money just buy there and sell at local bitcoins for a thousand dollars more than you just bought it for or something

  9. electronervs - Reply

    Can anyone please explain how are Mistertango and Bitnovo anonymous? They don’t ask for KYC? Basically you can put any name on their debit card?

  10. crypapotamus - Reply

    There’s no possible way you could’ve done this research without coming across [Monaco Card](, so why did you exclude them from this list? They’re the only one of these companies that has been officially approved by Visa as a Program Manager.

  11. tedjonesweb - Reply

    I am interested which of them are ‘virtual’ cards (not physical) and don’t require the KYC security theater (can be used online without giving passport scan, selfie, utility bill, etc.).

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