‘What happens if someone puts something illegal like childporn on blockchain? Or that it’s trivial to change a files hash to bypass your supposed verification?’


  1. xiphy - Reply

    Running a full node will be probably illegal, but hopefully not prosecuted. There’s no way to bypass downloading the data.

  2. AstarJoe - Reply

    Here’s the state we’re in. Here’s how bluepilled we are. The guy’s avatar is a scrawny disheveled middle aged man alone in a basement wrapped in a blankie whose name is “dandelion”. That’s for starters.

    Now. Imagine being so pozzed that you think it is the responsibility of society’s systems to filter everything out *for you* and cede control of everything you hold dear to some random banksters or database controllers. Imagine not having the control or authority in your very own life to selectively filter those things out on your own (child porn or whatever he’s wrapped around the axle about).

    Now that’s why his statement makes so much sense:

    >It’s just an immutable distributed database, which by the way is really fucking dumb

    Thanks for the laugh, I needed that this morning.

  3. japanesecheesecake - Reply

    Free speech absolutism is perfectly ethical. Rape is a crime. Photos are evidence. CP hysteria, like all nanny state hysteria, is merely an excuse for total surveillance and censorship capabilities.

  4. walloon5 - Reply

    What if people used cars in a parking lot as “pixels” to draw porn in a valet parking lot? Will Google Earth protect my eyes??

  5. destinationexmo - Reply

    Honestly I don’t think it is much different from the internet right now. For someone who browses a lot of porn is likely to end up with illegal porn cached in their temp folders etc. I have never heard of anyone be prosecuted for something like that. Similarly if you have the blockchain and the data is encoded and not decoded and accessible I don’t understand how someone could get in trouble for that. Just downloading the blockchain isn’t going to make any encoded content accessible.

  6. BergevinsPlant - Reply

    I like to think the Bitcoin community is strong enough that we wouldn’t tolerate that sort of behaviour. I’d support any hard fork away from a chain with this type of stuff on it

  7. FlowerEmperor - Reply

    I think that that is an extremely good point.

    Theoretically it would make downloading and storing the blockchain illegal, which would, well, destroy bitcoin…

  8. jesperbnp - Reply

    I had the exact same thought a few months back i.e. putting e.g. CP in the blockchain would render the blockchain illegal.

    However, thinking about it, I don’t really believe it is a problem.

    The blockchain is a huge database, but to extract something like embedded CP you would need specialized tools and you would have to actively search for it. There is no way a normal user would have CP jump out in his face from the blockchain by pure chance.

    That’s exactly like “the internet”. That is also just a huge database containing CP and other stuff, yet it is not in itself illegal in any way. Only if you use specialized tools for accessing the dark web and actively search for it you will be able to extract the illegal content like CP.

  9. Draco1200 - Reply

    Then that person who first possessed it in order to put it on the Blockchain commits a crime by putting it on the Blockchain.

    And possibly, then so does any person who follow’s that person’s instructions to deliberately extract it for viewing or saving on their computer.

    Obviously the Blockchain itself does not provide a suitable mechanism for storing and extracting images —- in theory you COULD use a bespoke tool to embed an image there, just like you could use stego to hide an image within the text of a Reddit comment, But then you’ll also need a bespoke tool to extract the image.

    And your possession of the bespoke tool and applying with intent to use it to extract illegal content could be a crime.

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