Just Started with using a bitcoin wallet, had a few questions.

edit: Unchecking ‘Connect through SOCKS5 proxy’ solved the problem. It is syncing again.

I am using the Bitcoin core wallet, and I am having trouble synchronizing. It has been stopped 11.90% for several hours. Here is the message I have:

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Now first, Is this thing downloading the whole block chain onto my computer? If so, is there a way to control where it downloads too?
Second, is there an easier wallet I should be using? I already have some money in this one so my last question would be is there a way to transfer the wallet to another client, or do I just have to wait for this to finish syncing?
I know I probably don’t sound like I know what I’m doing so please bear with me.

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  1. Zatouroffski - Reply

    Lightweight wallets doesn’t download blockchain database but they connects to a bitcoin core to validate transactions in background.

    Breadwallet for iOS, Mycelium for non-rooted Android, Electrum for a clean PC will do the job.

  2. time_wasted504 - Reply

    It is downloading the entire blockchain (approx 170GB) you can change the download location.

    Stop Core, Find the data directory (windows default is C:/users/username/Appdata/Roaming/bitcoin) and move it where you want it. Start Core, it will ask to use default or custom, choose custom and set to new location.


    Wait, then wait some more. My original download took days. Not only is it downloading the entire blockchain, I think it also verifys each block independently.

  3. AstarJoe - Reply

    My initial download of the blockchain too almost a week. But that was prior to some recent optimizations, so it should be faster to sync now.

    If recommend just using mycelium on your Android phone, if you have one. I also hear rumors that Trezor is working on a mobile wallet. If and when that happens im switching everything over to that. I love those guys.

  4. ahart - Reply

    Unchecking ‘Connect through SOCKS5 proxy’ solved the problem. It is syncing again. Thanks for helping everyone. I will check out electrum once it is all synced.

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