Struggling bitcoin will double by mid-year, Wall Street’s Tom Lee says


  1. ElephantGlue - Reply

    I like this guy and think he speaks very intelligently regarding crypto, but the idea that he can predict where it’s going in the short term is nonsense.

  2. blaker88 - Reply

    Haha I love the people who bad mouth TA. It is completely based on psychology, the human brain which in turn drives the participants in the market. Of course it works. It might not be that effective in isolation but used correctly as an additional investment tool, it’s extremely powerful. I’m with Tom, indicators are showing BTC to hit back to around 20K within the next 2-3 months.

  3. Linkamus - Reply

    I think we will see 20k again, but not for awhile. MAYBE by the end of the year. But ya, trying to predict the price of Bitcoin is completely futile. But fun anyway.

  4. blaker88 - Reply

    The evidence of support and resistance speak for itself. I agree with being subjective regarding indicators but the same could be said about any type of predictive mechanism.

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