Add US Bank to the list of bad banks. They won’t even let me use my DEBIT CARD to instant buy at Coinbase. It’s OVER for banks. BURN IT ALL DOWN.


  1. hesido - Reply

    I wonder when a bank will advertise itself as “crypto-friendly”, I’m sure most people here would choose such a bank. It would fill a niche at first by attracting people interested in Cryptocurrencies and then snowball from there.

  2. wheresmytendies - Reply

    You didn’t use a credit union, that’s your problem. Get set up with a Credit Union and tell them to set your debit card as traveling in the U.K. then you can buy as much from Coinbase as you like.

  3. one_why - Reply

    I’m actually a big fan of US Bank. Of all the bank horror stories I’ve heard, I’ve never had a problem with them.

  4. Bauuzer - Reply

    You tried via PayPal?

    Not directly, but get a PayPal debit card, load your Paypal with your bank, then buy on Coinbase?

    It’ll likely have a payment fee and take a bit longer but you would still be able to load your Coinbase using your Card 😊

  5. DrRavenBlack - Reply

    To the original poster, what did your bank say? Did you call them? I heard this was just a protection that just needed verification.

  6. blokwearmkt - Reply

    No reason debit cards should be prohibited. CCs maybe for the credit risk. Perhaps debits is an identity risk. You may still use traditional routing and account info right? I know I can.

  7. Inelocutable - Reply

    If they could do it to all of us they would. They can and they will because we will have no where left to go. Puerto Rico is looking better and better every day. Someone needs to Charter a Bank there.

  8. PretendMistake - Reply

    If someone gained your debit card to buy $10,000 (or whatever max) for themselves and you are stuck with that charge, would you be OK with that?

    Banks are doing reasonable security. If you want to buy, transfer funds to the exchange and then buy. Don’t force the banks to accept risky transactions that are prone to fraud.

  9. Druiced - Reply

    Anyone that is paying the Visa/MC transaction fees that exchanges are charging to load up the dollars has questionable judgement.

  10. iconiconoclasticon - Reply

    Just wait for British Bank Revolut to reach US by mid-2018. They are very crypto friendly and you can easily do a bank transfer to buy Bitcoins. I have done it.

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