I’m donating 5057 BTC to charitable causes! Introducing The Pineapple Fund


I remember starting at bitcoin a few years ago. When bitcoin broke single digits for the first time, I thought that was a triumphant moment for bitcoin. I watched and admired the price jump to $15.. $20.. $30.. wow!

Today, I see $17,539 per BTC. I still don’t believe reality sometimes. Bitcoin has changed my life, and I have far more money than I can ever spend. My aims, goals, and motivations in life have nothing to do with having XX million or being the mega rich. So I’m doing something else: donating the majority of my bitcoins to charitable causes. I’m calling it 🍍 The Pineapple Fund.

Yes, donating ~$86 million worth of bitcoins to charities 🙂

So far, The Pineapple Fund has/is:

* Donated $1 million to Watsi, an impressively innovative charity building technology to finance universal healthcare.

* Donated $1 million to The Water Project, a charity providing sustainable water projects to suffering communities in Africa

* Donating $1 million to the EFF, defending rights and privacy of internet users, fighting for net neutrality, and far far more

* Donated $500k to BitGive Foundation, a charity building projects that leverage bitcoin and blockchain technology for global philanthropy.

If you know a registered nonprofit charity, please encourage them to apply on the fund’s website! While I prefer supporting registered charities, I am open to supporting charitable causes as well. Check out the website 🙂

# 🍍 https://pineapplefund.org/

All transactions are posted on the website for full transparency 🙂


edit: **Pineapple Fund does not donate to individuals. Please do not post your addresses or PM.**

edit 2: Thanks for the gold! Highlighting new comments is a really useful feature <3

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  1. SirKrohan - Reply

    Wow dude you are amazing, you really are making a difference out there. I wish everyone thought the same as you did. I recently got some gains on my lowly investment and donated to Alzheimer’s research.

    Please consider donating too – it is one of the worst diseases, robin williams killed himself off of it…

    Anyway thank you for what you are doing. You’re one of the good ones

    Edit: all the low key beggar posts you guys should be ashamed. OP is donating millions of his money to charity and you want a slice of that pie, God you suck.

  2. Inspector_Bloor - Reply

    I’m fucking loving seeing the potential of philanthropy in the age of bitcoin and other cryptos. Props to you for being a leader in the movement towards it. I’d like to imagine I would do the same thing if I was in your position.

  3. eviscerations - Reply

    good on you for wanting to make a difference.

    just a thought, but perhaps consider things outside the bitcoin sphere.

    i lost my fiance to ovarian cancer in 2011. i’m not particularly wealthy, but i try to make a donation to [the v foundation](https://www.jimmyv.org/about/our-story/) whenever i can. 100% of every cent goes directly to cancer *research*. i want to emphasize that, because many cancer ‘charities’ are for cancer *awareness*, and none of the money goes towards working for a cure.

    whatever you put your money towards, thanks for being a good person.

  4. razorsuKe - Reply

    Just had a look at all the charities you’ve donated to so far and I wanted to say: GREAT CHOICES!!

    Each one of them seems to affect humanity on a macro scale.

  5. [deleted] - Reply

    Awesome man(woman)! Great work, if I can make a suggestion because I don’t have millions of $ yet. Try to make a difference in your own backyard. Look at helping some of the homeless population or see if you can get the ball rolling on whatever is closest to your heart & your geographical location.

    I’m not super well off, but definitely not homeless. There isn’t a greater feeling to me than helping / trying to help people that can’t even afford a sleeping bag or a pillow.

    Don’t forget the majority of these folks that are homeless have mental illness, some don’t of course. But I know where I’m from over the last 20 years they have drastically defunded mental illness rehabilitation and closed down many hospitals. Those people are forced onto the streets & then they are forced into the drug cycle. It’s sad, we often forget those affected around us.

    Keep up the awesome work!

    EDIT: Holy moly, my first Gold! Thank you anonymous for popping my gilded cherry! Rock on! Positivity Breeds Success!

  6. ismcts - Reply

    Effective altruism is a movement that is aimed to find, evaluate and support most effective charities. Effectiveness of different non-profits varies on a scale of several orders of magnitude, so a choice of charity may be more important than it may seem. I suggest you look at some of their recommendations. I personally like [GiveWell](https://www.givewell.org/). Cost-effectiveness of top charities for saving 1 life is estimated to be ~$200-$4000. So, about a grand for a life.

    Edit: thanks for ~ ~~0.5~~ ~~1.1~~ 1.4 human×years in reddit gold equivalent!

  7. Ellviiu - Reply


    I would highly encourage you to take a look at this foundation.

    I think it’s something that can really benefit mankind and reduce suffering. If you ignore the immortality, the core of the research is to remove the suffering of ageing not actually stop it. But one of the side effects of curing diseases associated with ageing is that you tend to live longer.

    What you are doing is truly remarkeable and selfless in itself so you should be very proud but I implore you consider this foundation as I believe it’s a huge investment in everyone’s future.

  8. perlon - Reply

    With such money you can create your own small but useful organisation somewhere in 3rd world country. Donating to big well known charities, you approve to spend 70% of donation to employees salaries.

  9. sroose - Reply

    I recommend [The Ocean Cleanup Project](https://www.theoceancleanup.com/). It was started by a Dutch university student and aims to clean the pacific ocean from plastic waste.

    I’m a monthly donator to the project myself, in lower amounts, however 🙂

    They currently don’t state a Bitcoin donation option, though I reached out to them a message asking for one.

  10. jrmxrf - Reply

    Spend 1% to hire some people to do the charity research for you. EFF, Khan, it’s all great, but it’s a power law distribution and they are getting 90% of donations. Because marketing, and it’s hard to find smaller charities who you can trust. It takes time and can be risky. But it’s very possible that with a little research they can have much bigger impact for the same money. GiveWell does something like that but I would suggest trying on your own. If you do, please post the results on the fund site or here.

    You probably could find reasonable people in academic circles to do the research for you .It’s a hard problem and I know you want to donate money not time, but it may be worth it.

    Rock on.

    edit. In case you need to convert your BTC to USD before donating somewhere, ask some exchange for 0% fee cooperation. They will very likely do it for publicity and these fees matter with this kind of money.

    edit2: instead of simply donating say $1M to EFF ask them to make a double your donation action. So you donate the same amount as somebody else during that period up to $1M. This will motivate some people.

  11. ente_ - Reply

    Great initiative. In fact it is my hope for more super wealthy individuals to come forward bootstrapping science, research, humanitarian development etc where necessary. And I have more hope on us nerds than the super wealthy from the old age 🙂

    Here’s my suggestions:

    **1) [Machine intelligence research Institute](https://intelligence.org/research/)**

    If you are not already mixed up between euphoria and existencial terror regarding AI, I’d suggest you to read [this](https://waitbutwhy.com/2015/01/artificial-intelligence-revolution-1.html) essay. In fact, I’d prefer you to check out that essay instead of further reading this post, if you have to choose. It had a similarly huge impact on me as when I first dived into Bitcoin.

    **2) [Parsemus Foundation](https://www.parsemus.org/)**

    Medical research, their project with the most attention being a cheap longterm reversible male contraception. If humanity survives 1) we’ll need this soon 🙂

    **3) “Opensource CPU and Hardware”**

    Sorry no link, maybe someone can chime in here. Intel and AMD CPUs contain microcontrollers with closed source software and access to memory, data and networking interfaces. An can’t safely and securely be deactivated. As we need open source operation systems and software, we need open source hardware too. It’s a disaster waiting to happen, and maybe alreay happening behind closed doors for years. There’s [Talos](https://www.crowdsupply.com/raptor-computing-systems/talos-secure-workstation) building a POWER8 open hardware computer, but I don’t know what state they are at nor if they are an NGO or “just” a for-profit company. I’d consider this a first-world luxury problem, compared to 1) and 2) though.

    **4) [The PENG! collective]( https://pen.gg/campaigns)**

    They use clever media campaigns to fight the big guys. Like for example

    * staging a peace prize ceremony for one of the biggest weapons exporters

    * getting into a young-researchers competition by Shell, then “exploding” their machine live on stage spilling oil everywhere, shutting down the complete competition

    * dropping flyers over NSA headquarters, billboards in view of the bureaus with “intel exit”

    and a dozen more. It easily takes 6 months and more to prepare for those campaigns. I am in awe of their clever and funny campaigns, and how they engage right at the biggest supercorporations, national states and intelligence agencies. They are not exactly saving humanity as a whole, but work on making world a bit less evil. I think a donation with a fraction of your regular donations would help them out big time already.

    Well, what more can I say than “thank you for doing your part”. 🙂

  12. magicaldelicious - Reply

    First of all thank you! The contribution to the EFF is awesome. Since privacy is under attack globally more donations to FOSS organizations with a focus on privacy and security can go a long way for mainstream citizens. One recommendation I have would be to donate to OpenWhisper Systems.

    Moxie and team have been changing our secure communications for the better over the years and I would love to see a large boost in development around both the Signal protocol and Noise protocol framework. We all win with open privacy technology of the like!

    Thanks again for your generosity.


  13. spikingneurite - Reply

    Free software foundation , qubes OS project, wikileaks, sci-hub , freedom of press foundation

    These are some of the critical projects where people spend their lives (in some cases risk their lives) for the betterment of society.

  14. Pixaritdidnthappen - Reply

    Please consider donating to [MAPS.org](https://store.maps.org/np/clients/maps/donation.jsp?campaign=93) I’m a former member of the clinical team. Our ptsd treatment studies have recently received breakthrough status from the FDA and we hope to make the therapy available to the public in just a few years but there is still lots of work that needs to be done. There is an option to donate btc on the site or I can get you in contact with a member of the support team if you are serious.

  15. JosephStash - Reply

    Hi there. This is incredibly generous of you. I foolishly sold my btc for what now looks like a hilariously paltry sum a few years ago. This is an incredible idea and I’m sure many people will benefit.

    I was going to suggest a donation to the Open Medicine Foundation (OMF). OMF is working to develop a cure for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, a misunderstood disease that affects an estimated 17 million people and often leaves them unable to work. 25% of those people are so sick they’re unable to leave their bed.

    This time last year, I was working a full time job, recently having completed a purchase of my first property, going to the gym 3/4 times a week, and generally enjoying life. Then I caught a virus which I never recovered from. Fast forward to now, and I’ve been living with my parents since then, who are my primary carers. I rely on them to cook for me, help take me to doctors appointments, and help me with going up and down stairs.

    The reason I have to rely on my parents for this, is because I suffer from an extreme feeling of illness all day. Imagine having the flu, but constantly, day after day, month after month. In addition, I get dizzy if I sit upright, feel more sick if I spend too long doing cognitively ‘complicated’ things like watching tv or reading. My muscles are severely weak, and I get frequent joint paint. I have to rest, with no stimulus, for hours every day, to even be able to be on speaking terms with my parents. When people visit they’re surprised to see me able to talk and seem ‘normal’, but what they don’t see is that after they leave I feel horrifically ill as a consequence.

    My story is not unusual among those with this disease. We are, by and large, left alone by the medical profession and left to fend for ourselves, with a poor prognosis and scant hope of recovery. There is no universally suitable or effective treatment. OMF relies on charitable donations to survive, and has assembled a world-class teams of scientists to cure this horrific illness.

    All the best to you, and I hope you consider them as a worthy beneficiary of your donation.

    Edit: added the OMF bitcoin donation page: [https://www.omf.ngo/donate-by-bitcoin/](https://www.omf.ngo/donate-by-bitcoin/)

  16. bundat - Reply

    Please fund DRACO research.


    *Some history:* before the antibiotic was discovered, bacterial infections were usually a death sentence. People with syphilis would die horrible painful deaths, and things like the Bubonic Plague spread like wildfire unstoppably killing masses of people.

    Then the antibiotic was discovered, and now most bacterial infections are easily treatable with a regimen of pills or a shot.

    BUT viral infections STILL have no cure.

    Whether it be the common cold, or herpes or HIV, we can only treat the symptoms, and not actually cure the body.

    BUT DRACO changes all of this.

    It is the ANTIBIOTIC to viruses.

    In short, it can induce cell-apoptosis on all cells with double-stranded RNA (which is produced ONLY by viruses, and is NOT normally produced by cells not infected with a virus).

    This has the potential to cure ANY virus-caused disease, whether it be the common cold, or even HIV.

    **tl;dr: bacterial infections were ended by the antibiotic. DRACO can bring an end to virus infections.**

    In my opinion, this is possibly the MOST GROUND-BREAKING recent discovery in the medical field.

    However, they are getting [barely any funding](http://www.process.org/discept/2011/11/17/draco-death-to-the-virus/)

    > We’ve really struggled along for the past 11 years, barely getting enough funding to stay alive.

    I’ve been looking for relevant links and found the following:



    Link to /r/science AMA on the DRACO project: https://www.reddit.com/r/science/comments/3r2nxw/science_ama_im_drtodd_rider_and_i_invented_dracos/

  17. [deleted] - Reply

    Donors Choose: Does not need a large amount like above…..(https://www.donorschoose.org/we-teach/3467954?projects=true) …but a much smaller amount could go a long way…My wife works at an extreme poverty elementary school where many of the kids don’t have coats for the winter, barely get fed over the weekends, and aren’t sent to school with any supplies. Also, she coaches the girl’s varsity high school swim team in the same district. She just led them to their first conference title in 21 years…the team’s reward??? The school is cutting their funding to bare bones next year. So now the girls are expected to buy their own suits, equipment, etc….meanwhile the football team and basketball team get their funding increased….any way, I know it is a long shot, but either a small donation to her directly through Donors Choose would help a lot (we spend up to 1k a year sometimes to just help out her kids, plus now the extra $ the girls team has to spend)…or a broad donation just to the Donors Choose site itself will help a lot of teachers in tough areas across the country. Thanks!!

  18. Myrtlelurkle - Reply

    Hiya, thank you for your generosity, it could make an enormous difference to many lives.

    I would like to suggest the OMF Foundation which is researching into CFS/ME.

    CFS/ME is a life destroying illness which has been ignored my the medical establishment for decades.

    To find the cause/causes, and get a treatment, or maybe even a cure would be like a miracle for so many of us.

    I’m sure there are others who could word this much better than can atm, but I felt I had to give it my best shot.

    Thanks again.

    This is the OMF bitcoin donation link:

    This is the link to the OMF Foundation page:

  19. threebutterflies - Reply

    shameless plug and wish but our little tiny rural animal shelter needs help out in Ohio and we dont have marketing dollars like the big guys. One of the only places that is no kill if rehab is possible. We are 5,000 from our december goal and run on no government funding… so maybe you can make a christmas wish come true for the pets …. http://www.lighttheshelter.com

  20. the_Lagsy - Reply

    Hey PineappleFund,

    Much respect for your kindness.

    Requesting that you assist the South African Family Relief Project. SAFRP help families in desperate poverty who receive no government assistance. In many cases, these people are prevented from working due to government race laws.

    The major beneficiary of the SAFRP’s help is a needy community founded on a literal garbage dump.

    Their website can be found here: http://www.safrpsa.org/

    I’ve been involved with this project and vouch for their authenticity and effectiveness. I can certainly help them to accept any Bitcoin donations. I’m also willing to document how any donations are used.

  21. Nihy - Reply

    Please donate to the excellent researchers that are researching chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), a relatively common life-destroying illness that strikes young people for which until recently, very little research funding was allocated by funding bodies like the US National Institutes of Health.

    To put it into perspective, until recently the NIH allocated about $5 million per annuum to this illness for the last 20 years, which is peanuts. Compared to CFS, there are about half as many people with multiple sclerosis, and the disease has a similar suffering and disability profile, and gets about $100 million per annuum. In other words, the ratio of dollars spent per patient is shockingly low.

    The good news is, there is new awareness about the illness (see the documentary [Unrest](https://www.unrest.film/) for example). The [NIH very recently also opened up CFS research centers](https://www.nih.gov/news-events/news-releases/nih-announces-centers-myalgic-encephalomyelitis-chronic-fatigue-syndrome-research) and other countries are also showing signs of wanting to solve this problem.

    Unfortunately, the research funding continues to be too low to make any real progress. The current system in place works well for diseases that are somewhat understood (you need funding to make progress, and results to get funding, and it’s hard to get results with a poorly understood illness while having too little funding, and researchers tend to go where the funding is, etc.). What we need is to give this research a push with an infusion of money. If you could donate a million or more it would help tremendously. Many patients are already donating but there’s only so much sick and disabled people can do.

    I can recommend several excellent research teams that will use donations wisely:

    The [Open Medicine Foundation](https://www.omf.ngo/).

    The [Cornell Center for Enervating NeuroImmune Disease](http://neuroimmune.cornell.edu/).

    The [Columbia Center for Infection and Immunity](https://www.mailman.columbia.edu/research/center-infection-and-immunity)(specify that the donation is for CFS).

    The [Unutmaz Lab](https://www.jax.org/research-and-faculty/research-labs/the-unutmaz-lab) at the Jackson laboratory (specify that the donation is for CFS).

  22. aorshahar - Reply

    MAPS. they are doing some groundbreaking work with PTSD treatment using MDMA assisted psychotherapy. they need another 12.5 million or so to finish funding their phase 3 clinical trails.

    they also accept btc directly, so thats nice.

  23. ha5hmil - Reply

    Where are all the news sites covering this? They seem to be eager to cover things like silk road, drug dealings and what not. But something amazing as what OP is doing? where?

  24. Balance- - Reply

    In The Netherlands we have a privacy crisis: Our government want to push ‘De Sleepwet’ through, a law that gives out intelligence services the authority to spy unfocused on everybody by both wireless and wired communications. While many organizations are fighting for our privacy of us, Dutch citizens, Bits of Freedom is by far the most important. Our country tends to lead in most area’s, but we’re about to do a huge step backwards (we were the second country on planet earth to have net neutrality (the strong version, even data-free music streaming is illegal here)). With he risk that other European countries follow.

    More about ‘De Sleepwet’ you can read here: [Dragnet Surveillance](https://www.bof.nl/dossiers/dragnet-surveillance/). They also host the hugely successful yearly [Big Brother Awards](https://www.bof.nl/dossiers/big-brother-awards-2/), a prize for the most privacy violating instance in The Netherlands.

    > **[Bits of Freedom](https://www.bof.nl/english/)**

    > We are Bits of Freedom. Bits of Freedom is the leading digital rights organization in the Netherlands, focusing on privacy and freedom of communication online. Working at the cutting edge of technology and law, Bits of Freedom strives to influence legislation and self-regulation, and empower citizens and users by advancing the awareness, use, and development of freedom-enhancing technologies.

  25. Aaron_FF - Reply

    Please donate to MAPS – the [Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies](http://www.maps.org/). They are conducting groundbreaking research with MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for post-traumatic stress disorder, and it is proving to be more effective than all existing treatments.

    MDMA is scheduled to become prescription medicine by 2021, and psychedelic therapy more broadly is one of the most promising areas in current scientific and medical research. MAPS is the main organization spearheading the research and conducting clinical trials to get through the FDA approval process is extremely expensive.

    In the longer term, psychedelic research has the potential to revolutionize the treatment of ailments like depression, anxiety and addiction, and replace the pharmaceutical industry with more affordable and effective options.

    Here is their cryptocurrency donation page: https://www.maps.org/donate-redirect/cryptocurrency

    The BTC address is: 1MnCMV9DyVdDZWMfjymbLDKv48UKhoXHEz

    Thanks! 🙂

  26. maaku7 - Reply

    Please consider a donation to [SENS](http://www.sens.org/). You could close out their Winter 2017 fundraiser with just 6.75 BTC, and [they accept bitcoin](http://www.sens.org/donate).

    Also, meta-point, why not start a self-directed charity? That way you can spend the remaining years of your life (hopefully many years if you donate to SENS) putting this money towards good causes rather than all at once.

  27. beachhhouse - Reply

    This might seen like an odd idea at first.
    Hi. Ive got an amazing idea. Really famous and well regarded german show host Jan Böhmermann is holding a Charity Show of his Podcast in Berlin and will also accept donations in form of bitcoins this year for the first time ever. Last year he and his team donated 45k euro. it would be really amazing to maybe double this. The publicity would also be overwhelming for cryptocurrencies in whole, because Böhmermann is probably the opinion leader nr.1 in Germany. r/de will also highly appreciate this.

  28. aaron_in_sf - Reply


    Can I recommend the Internet Archive? (archive.org)

    Among other things the Archive hosts the Wayback Machine, which is of infinite value generally speaking as a cultural history of the web, but in the recent political climate has also been a mechanism for preserving an invaluable record some are trying to redact.

    Beyond the famous Wayback Machine,

    the Archive (a California library) is also involved in massive-scale book scanning and lending, both with Open Library and the current Open Libraries initiative to bring _all_ libraries onine;

    the TV News project, recording and making searchable television news from dozens of markets and countries 24/7, making television news a citable medium and subjecting it to large scale analysis, e.g. to track the appearance of political advertisements as they flow through different markets;

    the Great 78s and other music projects including hosting eTree, the passionate live music taper community, including about every known recording of bands like the Grateful Dead, as well as many net labels, podcasts, etc.,

    and on and on.

    Additionally the Archive is an ally of the EFF and has been at the forefront of supporting the decentralized and open internet.

    The Archive is a non-profit entirely supported by donations, including from individuals.

    Source: employee! It’s also a great place to work. 😀

  29. JasonLeeH - Reply

    SENS Foundation could use some funds. They are an anti-aging research company focusing on cellular biology. Google Calico is doing something similar, but I doubt Google needs the money.

  30. xxxbmfxxx - Reply

    If this is no BS which it sounds like it isnt. Many people in the world can learn how to be a decent human being from you.

    I have pegged to get myself out of my business in the next 2 years, pay off my few debts, donate the rest of my valuable inventory to charities and stop working for money for the rest of my life. No lambos here, just getting out of the craziness that we all have to participate in for decades on end. Cryptos may make that happen sooner and it will take far less than 85 million.

    You’re the first person Ive seen who isnt just being a rich turd from digital curency. If you like animals there are some amazing charities and rescuers who arent top heavy.

    Thanks, restoring a tiny bit of faith in humanity without having to compete for the richest person title!

  31. GlacialFox - Reply

    Please consider longevity-research to improve the lives of the elderly, and extend all human life. All humans die of old age, treatment is on the horizon.. SENS is a great place to start. The more funding they get, the closer to eternal youth we get. The implications are utopian, and elderly suffering will cease!

  32. Duskmon - Reply

    I’m sure you’re seeing all kinds of posts about charities, so I’ll add mine here as well.

    I recently left my New York City job as a software engineer at Yahoo to CoFound a small startup with one of my best friends in my local community. We started out giving food to the homeless every day, but we have a dream of creating the very first shower bus on the east coast.

    Our goal is that we can use this bus to provide free hygiene, first aid, haircuts, and health services to our local community. If the homeless don’t appear different than anyone else, than they won’t be.

    We only need about 300,000 to retrofit the bus, we just ran our first successful fundraiser earlier this year after becoming a 501(c)(3).

    I’ve been following the Bitcoin community forever but have always been too cowardly to invest myself.

    We’ve submitted an application to the Pineapple Fund. If you were willing to support our mission I would be incredibly grateful, and the underserved homeless community of New Jersey would appreciate your sacrifice.

    You can find more info about the mission here: https://ArmNewBrunswick.org

    Whether you choose to support us or not, thank you for doing this. You’re making the world better.

  33. Feather_Toes - Reply

    Oo! [Aubrey de Grey did an AMA](https://www.reddit.com/r/Futurology/comments/7i9vrj/this_is_aubrey_im_starting_the_ama_now_and_i/) not long ago! The SENS Foundation is small right now (at least compared to the big guys like the Red Cross), so that kind of money would make a huge difference in their ledger. Here’s a video explaining what they’re about: [Rejuvenation Biotechnology: The Fourth Age of Gerontology – Aubrey de Grey – RB2016](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6CWkb2gObg0) (19min 53sec).

    Tl;Dr: It’s a new area of study in medicine: Repairing the damage from the process of aging itself before it gets to the point of pathology and disease. We could live healthier for longer. Aging affects all of us, so any research into this area helps all of us.

    Aubrey de Grey is the “face of the organization” as it were, and gives talks about the basic principals a lot. He’s been doing these talks for some years, the way he explains it makes sense, and he seems invested in making this successful – a great talk to listen to!

    Aubrey has categorized looking at the problem like this: – Altering metabolism to prevent damage from occurring. This is difficult, because metabolism is a complicated system and you can’t expect to find a simple solution. – Dealing with the diseases of aging after the damage has led to pathology. This is how gerontology currently works, with treating things like Alzheimer and whatnot. – Repair the damage as it accumulates, like doing preventative maintenance on a car. This is what he’s putting the most emphasis on. Currently not many people are researching in this area, and therefore needs more people addressing it, and is what the SENS Foundation focuses on.

    Aubrey says what he sees as the 7 types of damage that accumulates over time, and that by categorizing them like that, it breaks the problem into something manageable. They are: Cell loss/cell atrophy, division -obsessed cells, death-resistant cells, mitochondrial mutations, intracellular waste products, extracellular waste products, and extracellular matrix stiffening.

    Besides that, nice picks, dude! 😀 The EFF have been on my mind lately, as I’m figuring they’re gonna be the big guns going to court to have the FCC’s decision overturned if they vote for Pai’s plan tomorrow. If anyone can take the FCC on in that arena, it’s them!

  34. gwillen - Reply

    Hi /u/PineappleFund !

    I actually don’t have a charity to recommend (well I do, but they’re filling out an application on their own, and I’m not here to talk about that.)

    I want to talk to you about Bitcoin safety. Presumably you haven’t gotten this far without thinking about security, but I want to suggest that making grants from a single huge output like this is NOT a good idea, and is potentially dangerous.

    Each time you transact, the entire $80 million balance is being moved from one address to another. Every single such move comes with a risk — not a large one, and not one that would be worth worrying about for a much smaller amount — of a software bug, hardware failure, cosmic ray, etc. — rendering the remaining amount lost and unspendable (or not easily spendable.)

    Although it’s fun and useful to be able to demonstrate ownership of the funds in a single giant output, I think you would be much safer with these funds stored in smaller quantities in separate addresses. I would be happy to provide specific advice on how to do this safely; the easiest procedure would be to make a second wallet and send the funds there in slightly smaller increments, say 500-1000 BTC, such that losing one of them to a software bug would be, although horrifying, at least not the end of the Pineapple Fund. Then you could more safely make your individual donations from the second wallet.

    I also hope you are taking due care in storing the funds in general (although I imagine you must at least be using offline storage to have made it this far with so much Bitcoin still in one piece.) On the off chance that you require _any_ advice or consultation on the secure storage or safe handling of Bitcoin, please feel free to reach out. PM here is fine, or gwillen@nerdnet.org , or gwillen@blockstream.com . Anything I can’t answer, I have access to people who can, and would not hesitate to help.

  35. MsFrizzler - Reply

    This post made my day. Very cool!

    I’d encourage you to consider the Against Malaria Foundation. It horrifies me to realize there are parents who can’t afford a $4 bednet to protect their children from a life-threatening disease. I can’t imagine having a child and not being able to keep him or her safe.

    Malaria still kills nearly a million children every year, but it is VERY preventable. The Gateses are also working on eradicating malaria because it’s such an effective way of improving lives for those worst off. And a lot of governments have partnered with AMF, so your dollars will go twice as far!

    According to GiveWell charity evaluators, you can save a life for $3500 with bednets. They also say that the Against Malaria Foundation will fall $50 million short of their funding target just this year. If you made up that gap, you would singlehandedly save the lives of more than 14,000 people – and you’d have 14,000 very grateful families thanking you.

    Video about AMF: https://youtu.be/Y-cZsGhxdJg

    GiveWell recommendation: https://www.givewell.org/charities/amf

    AMF website (Bitcoin donations are accepted): https://www.againstmalaria.com/Donation.aspx

  36. renepickhardt - Reply

    OMG What an incredible act of generosity! I would like to ask you to donate 80 Bitcoin to [https://de.serlo.org/](https://de.serlo.org/) I have been lucky to meet the founders a couple of times and I myself are an annual donor for Serlo. The hard voluntary work to educate young children and bring them out of poverty that they have been doing since their beginning in 2009 is by far the most amazing voluntary work that I have seen in Germany over the past years.

    You are probably curious how it would help them and what exactly Serlo is doing to help so many children.

    Before I answer that I would ask you to think about what made you so wealthy?

    Of course you might say: “*It was bitcoin and my involvement within the bitcoin community/movement*.” Maybe you have been a developer at bitcoin-core or maybe just an early miner or an early investor. Maybe u have been the person buying [two Pizza for Laszlo and receiving 10’000 bitcoin in return](https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=137.0).

    Obviously I don’t know what your role was and how you happened to have more than 5k Bitcoin to donate. However I am very confident that I do know the following:

    If you didn’t have a strong educational background and good access to information you would probably not have been involved with bitcoin and would not have been able to create the pineapple fund.

    Boiling that down I hope that you realize:

    **Education changes everything and enables human beings to lead a self-determined life with dignity.**

    But even in a highly developed country like Germany (where schools and universities are basically free of charge) we unfortunately must realize that [wealth and access to education is poorly distributed](https://www.huffingtonpost.com/nicolas-berggruen/germany-wealth-distribution_b_5625540.html). Children coming from financially weak families or from families in which the parents do not have a university degree are (not only in Germany) [less likely to achieve a good education themselves](https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2853053/). Statistically they are more likely to die at younger ages and will most likely never be able to live a self-determined life in the way as you and I will be able to do. I personally think this is outrageous.

    Over the last 8 years Serlo has tried to fight this injustice by all means. Following [the footprints of Aaron Swartz](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aaron_Swartz) who not only found the Reddit Website but also [wrote the guerilla open access manifesto](https://archive.org/stream/GuerillaOpenAccessManifesto/Goamjuly2008_djvu.txt). In his manifesto he describes the moral imperative to free all knowledge from copyright protection in order to have our civilization based upon knowledge.

    In my personal opinion serlo already goes one step further than Aaron. Freeing knowledge is obviously a noble goal. But the next logical step is not only to create an encyclopedia or database of freely accessible and openly licensed knowledge like the Wikipedia but to create a platform and community of people that help other people and in particular children to learn from our fortune of freed knowledge and educate themselves. **This is exactly what Serlo does. With an amazing voluntary effort of many students Serlo provides educational content in the form of thousands of articles, exercises, pictures and videos for students of all ages which currently hundreds of thousands of students use every month.**

    After another person on Reddit said [(s)he would donate one Bitcoin every day until Christmas for Charity](https://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/7gpe1q/give_bitcoin_this_christmas_ill_start_with_25/?st=jb6iq28d&sh=08b683aa) and after your post, I – who is a PhD Student in Web Science, watching the cryptocurrency movement for the last 5 years and [created many openly licensed teaching materials](https://en.wikiversity.org/wiki/User:Renepick) – convinced the people from Serlo to accept donations via bitcoin since this very morning. C.f.: [https://de.serlo.org/spenden](https://de.serlo.org/spenden) (at the very bottom of the page) and I think they are also planning to formally hand in an application on your website.

    Again you can become witness of the terrible injustice in this world. It is my strong educational background and access to knowledge enabling me to ask you for the donation. In that sense I think it is even clearer why Serlo.org is such an important plattform.

    Even if you decide against donating to serlo: Thanks a lot for your noble charity. It is amazing to see that people like you who have been lucky to get a fortune of money are willing to share it for a good cause. There are obviously many other institutions around the globe that do work that is as important or as charitable as the work of serlo. In that sense it is even hard for me to suggest Serlo who might then possibly receive BTC from you which others won’t receive. However if you would consider Serlo I am very sure it would help millions of children in Germany and eventually around the globe a lot.

    By the Way Serlo is very similar to Khan Academy but does not have big donors. Also it has this touch of Wikipedia and Community editing and auditing the site. Serlo has always been struggling to survive on very small funds even though the site is well known in Germany and [won many awards](https://de.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Serlo&oldid=169554187#Auszeichnungen). In that sense I am sure they know how to manage money and to spend it extremely effective, efficient and wisely.

    Thanks for reading up to here. With kind regards Rene Pickhardt

  37. curlycarebear - Reply

    /u/PineappleFund – Extremely humbled by your philanthropic approach! Looks like you’re inundated with suggestions but just wanted to thank you in advance for considering **Ubuntu Pathways** – http://www.ubuntupathways.org. We aim to break the cycle of poverty by providing South Africa’s orphaned, abused, and most vulnerable children with cradle to career support. I submitted our application earlier today and sent an email too, so hopefully it’s reached you safely!

    In the meantime, just wanted to add that South Africa is known for its baby pineapples, so perhaps on fruit preferences alone The Pineapple Fund and Ubuntu could be a perfect fit 🙂

    Thanks so much!

  38. Jukayhsu - Reply

    This is an amazing initiative — consider supporting http://www.c4q.nyc! C4Q teaches adults in poverty to code and gets them jobs as software engineers, raising participant incomes from an average of $18,000 a year to $85,000 a year. We serve an audience that’s reflective of the diversity of NYC: 50% women, 60% black or Hispanic, 40% immigrant, 55% without a college education. Our graduates are working at leading tech companies like Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Kickstarter. Every dollar that is donated to the program has a measurable 4x impact in permanent income increases for the lives of our participants!

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