I hope James is doing well


  1. bluethunder1985 - Reply

    Bitcoin men who will soon be free and retired…do not ever tell girls how you are so damn rich. Just say your grandpa was an oil tycoon or some shit and you got a sweet deal when he died. never tell the truth to anyone!

  2. Azuk- - Reply

    I had a guy who’s girlfriend I know hit me up out of the blue about Bitcoin because we talked about it at a party a while ago. He’s never once texted me before but yesterday decides it’s a good time to be friends and starts asking me how my bitcoins are doing lol

  3. Losingsteamfast - Reply

    This is definitely real. Every girl I’ve ever dated had very strong opinions on my imvestment mix. Back in my college days i dated a bunch of crazy penny stock and foreign currency girls before I settled down and looked for a nice blue chip woman.

  4. hummus69 - Reply

    Was so close to buying some bitcoins in 2011 for drugs on the dnm but was still in high school and thought my parents would get suspicious….

  5. RedHawwk - Reply

    Every time I see a bitcoin post like this I can’t help but think of r/iamverysmart

    Edit: they make fun of pretentious people

  6. OrigamiOctopus - Reply

    I can beat myself up over the fact that I once spend 23 bitcoin on pizza and drinks. But it was good pizza and I was hungry. But goddamn I wish I saved some.

  7. Pixaritdidnthappen - Reply

    This. My girlfriend said in a fight “you’re one to talk you waste all your time reading about bitcoin…” to which I replied “do you have any fucking idea how much money I’ve made with bitcoin?” All of a sudden it wasn’t such an insult in her eyes.

  8. GeneticsGuy - Reply

    True story… Literally this exact thing happened to me, but not in the context of bitcoin. I have an ex, started dating after I came back from a Mormon mission for a couple years in South Africa, so I was 22 years old at the time. We even got engaged after about 10 months of dating. Then, 2 months into the engagement, she cheats on me and says, “I just want someone with more ambition I guess. You’re just a programmer. Sorry.” Knowing her, what this really meant was she thought I was too much of a computer geek, my Computer Science degree I was enrolled in (and molecular and cellular biology double major) was not going to make as much money as a “business” guy, of what she kept telling me I should really be doing.

    Well that was it. Queue some years later, I finish grad school, I am working solidly in computational biology, I’m published, I’m making 6 figures, and my position at my company is Chief Technology Officer (CTO) on my LinkedIn, and she messages me saying BS like we should catch up, she’s in town, she’d love to see me and then trying to throw in little memories of old times. Note, I am married now with kids and she is married with a kid, and she hasn’t talked to me in years but has the balls to say and I quote, roughly, “Things are pretty rough. [Name of husband] and I haven’t been getting along, and he got diagnosed with cancer and I have been having a hard time with it. He doesn’t seem interested in going for promotions anymore at work. I am so impressed with how well you are doing. You are so smart and funny. Want to catch up? You can call me at [X] time as my husband won’t be home then.”

    Somehow she thought that would make me want to call her lol. Ya, I did not ever meet up with her since, nor did I care to, and she has reached out at least half a dozen times over the last few years. Oh and ya, she doesn’t work and doesn’t like working. My wife now complains that she doesn’t work enough, even though she could stay at home. Who sounds like the person I’d rather be with? lol

    It’s amazing how many “old friends” reach out to you when they find out you are having success.

  9. snipelaarka - Reply

    My ex broke up with me for the same reason. I bought in around $12, sold around $800 before the third major crash. Bought a bunch of DJ gear and laughed all the way to the bank

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