Almost everyone now is an Investor


  1. [deleted] - Reply

    Ha! That’s like my friends who join an MLM and change their profession to the CEO of an international distribution conglomerate.

  2. ManDrone - Reply

    I have seen many posts where peeps are flipping out for good/bad news and then admit they own .015 bitcoin. While I understand that this can be a significant amount to some, it reminds me that there are all sorts of folks behind the keyboards.

  3. Kypriako - Reply

    most early investors I know are like this. They’ll say “I’ll only invest $100”. Once they realize 30% return on $100 is nothing, they’ll add a zero.

  4. flight101 - Reply

    Liked by Casey Neistat? Is no one gonna mention that? I didn’t know he even knows about bitcoin. But then again, I haven’t followed his content recently. It would be cool if he talks about bitcoin to his audience.

  5. -Aech- - Reply

    Reminds me of the story of Joseph Kennedy. It starts with Joseph Kennedy on his way to work. He’s a little early so he decided to stop and get his shoe’s shined. When finishing up, the boy shining his shoes told him to, “Buy Hindenberg.”

    Joseph Kennedy sold everything he had soon after that because, “It’s time to sell when the shoe shine boy is giving you stock tips.”

    I’m not saying a crash is inevitable, but its time to be more careful.

  6. IvanSwan - Reply

    It is goofy, but isn’t it a good thing more people are getting on board? I mean this thing only works if people support it. Whether they are short sighted, play pretend, wannabe finance people or not.

  7. hippophobe - Reply

    Sometimes I wish I could have this type of personality where I’m so good at fooling myself that I don’t even realize how much I’m faking it. In reality I’m probably more involved in a lot of things than most people but am really hesitant to take any specific thing and just be like “yep that’s who I am” to the world because maybe tomorrow I’ll change my mind and that would be kind of embarrassing.

  8. Zak_Light - Reply

    Boy I invested in Bitcoin back in 2014!

    Too bad it was me mining with a crappy laptop and I ended up with .001 BTC. I can’t even treat myself to a fancy meal at Outback with that

  9. harsha1306 - Reply

    LinkedIn premium learning has some intro to bitcoin and blockchain courses. I’ll finish them and watch my profile views and connection requests skyrocket XD

  10. orion_tera - Reply

    Similar times were back in the jazz age with the rising stock market. It is very dangerous when sheep follow the flock, not to hit a narrow spot, for they always ram themselves in the walls.

  11. Harnisfechten - Reply

    you know what, this is unironically a good thing. everyone SHOULD be an investor. You’re foolish if you aren’t investing for the future. Investing shouldn’t be some special thing that only special “investors ™” can do, it should be something everyone does.

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